Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How To Treat Myopia At Home

How-To-Treat-Myopia-At-HomeTo really treat myopia, you have to do it...

  1. naturally
  2. without glasses (reading glasses or minus lenses)
  3. without surgical procedure
I don't care what procedure. LASIK, LASEK, laser, bladeless, or whatever. They all don't treat. They just correct your lens. The same goes for glasses, contact lenses, reading glasses, or any eye drops you may have heard of. What Are The Best Natural Ways To Treat Myopia? I hate to burst the bubble, but also eye exercises are not the treatment or cure they are made out to be. Sure, to exercise your eyes is better than drugs, surgery, or glasses. But how doctors do them is one-dimensional. If you want any myopia treatment to last, you have to work with your eyesight three-dimensional. You have work with:
  1. Your Mind & Emotions
  2. Your Nourishment & Toxicity
  3. Your Body & eyes
If you skip any one of these layers, I have bad news for you. Your improvement won't last. Yes, foods are important for nearsightedness. But the home remedies floating around online don't do enough. Especially with high myopia, progressive myopia, severe myopia, and degeneratieve myopia you must work with your mind, emotions, and physical body. Anything else will be short-lived. What Type Of Lens Is Used To Treat Myopia? They are not... They are used to make you dependent. They are used to overcharge you. But they don't treat myopia. The only way you can treat it, is to work with your body-mind system and heal your eyesight holistically. You need to cover all the layers above. When they put a minus lens in front of your eyes, they just redirect the light onto your retina. But they don't treat the root causes. If you want to learn more about natural ways that treat myopia naturally and holistically, way better than yoga or any other healing modality will ever achieve, visit our intensive article about How To Cure Myopia. Click here <-- to read that article now.

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